Why Country-Escapes

If you are an accommodation seeker

The Country-Escapes website is a user-friendly website that makes your accommodation search easier.  You have a selection of places to choose from in different areas specified on the HOME PAGE.

To use the Country-Escapes website you have one of the following options:

Register and create your own username(email address) and password or Register by using your Facebook log-in codes.to have access searching and booking accommodation for 24 hours of the day.  Easy and done all online!

If you are an establishment owner

  • You get a FREE full profile listing and set-up with log-in username and password or you can register yourself.
  • You get a link of your listing on the Country-Escapes website to use for your own marketing
  • Social media exposure on Country-Escape’s Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles
  • A listing allows you to list multiple properties (one location) under one profile account
  • Multiple category listings to maximize your listing search on the Country-Escapes website
  • You get mentioned in our newsletter, Feature Listing and Articles and Tips section on the Country-Escapes main page
  • Country-Escapes gives you great exposure to accommodation seekers searching the internet
  • Booking enquiry feed direct via the Country-Escapes website if not listed on the Nightsbridge booking system
  • Country-Escapes website only synchronizes with Nightsbridge booking system calendars and not with any other online booking sites calendars
  • You as an establishment will be directly in contact with potential guests booking via email
  • Access to all the contact details of accommodation seekers weather you make use of a manual booking enquiry or if you use the Nightsbridge booking system
  • You have an unlimited enquiry feed when listed on the Country-Escapes website

Listing Agreement and Deal

  • The first 6 months of your listing on the Country-Escapes website is FREE
  • Thereafter you have one of the following options: paying a monthly listing fee of R250.00, an annual listing fee of R2500.00 or a 10% commission fee on a confirmed booking
  • If only interested in the 10% commission fee option, we will set your profile up on this option

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